Did you know I was a Wrapper?

Custom arrow wraps really dress up your arrows and allow you to personalize them to your taste. I got some new wraps for my hunting arrows from Onestringer Custom Wraps, and put them on last night along with some Norway Fusion vanes. My wraps say "Up and Adam," surprise, surprise. Check out the gallery on the Onestringer website, or have them make a custom design for you.

I also got some new strings from ProLine Custom Bowstrings that I'm going to have put on soon. Once I get them installed, I'll do a full review on them. Both strings are made from BCY's new 8190 material and are ProLine's "Streak Freaks" whcih have one dominant color and a few strands of a minor color thrown in. 8190 is a new material on the market that is getting great reviews. ProLine can make you a bowstring in just about any imaginable color combination. They also make the stock string for several bow manufacturers.

Today was the monthly Christian Bowhunters of Georgia 3D Shoot, and although I got to pick up my plaque for my 1st Place finish last month, it's safe to say I will not be picking up another one next month! I really struggled today and realized I have developed a case of target panic. I couldn't seem to hold the pin on target and wanted to hold low every time. As a result, many of my shots were low. I know it's mental and I've got to get over this quick! I'm going to be woodshedding this week to work out any kinks in my form and technique, and kick this thing before it gets a hold on me. Any tips on curing target panic would be greatly appreciated.


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