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March is winding up, and turkey season is getting into full swing in most states. If you haven't been able to go yet, hopefully you will in the coming weeks. I haven't been as much as I would like, but hopefully that will change soon! I want to get one tom with my Remington 870, then I'm going to break out the ground blind and try to get one with my Hoyt. I've got some great news! I'm going to be writing a weekly column for the website . My column will be focused on hunting and the outdoors, and different ways that firearms relate to our sport. is currently ranked 175k on Alexa , which provides information about websites including top sites, internet traffic stats and metrics. This is an impressive feat considering that the site has been marketed for less than a month. According to Benjamin Worthen they are jumping 20k places a day, and expect to be in top 100k in less than a week and a half, and top 50k in about a mon

Hunting and the Media

Donald Trump, Jr. and his brother Eric have been taking heat from the media about a recent hunting trip they took to Africa. The brothers pursued and bagged several species, and although this is the first I've heard of their outdoor interests, I'm pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, much of the world isn't as pleased and a tsunami of hate has been unleashed on the brothers.  It's utterly amazing the type of contempt the guys have endured simply for taking a hunting trip. In this day and age, just about everything is "Ok." All kinds of lifestyles are accepted by the liberal media, and in-turn, most Americans. Unspeakable make-believe violence and who knows what else is broadcast on movie screens and TV's across the country. Rappers proliferate the airwaves with words that would get you kicked out of most public places and considered a racist. But let a couple high-profile guys go on a hunting trip and the world seemingly turns against them. I

RunKeeper Training Aid

RunKeeper is an awesome fitness tool I discovered through Twitter a while back.  RunKeeper allows you to keep track of your fitness goals by recording your running activity, in addition to stats such as your weight and calories burned.  Using Google maps, RunKeeper tracks the routes you take and if you're like most people and frequently run the same route, you can store your frequent routes for easy updating after your run. Another cool feature is you can sign up for races, and using RunKeeper you'll be able to tell if you're on-track to compete at the level you would like.  There are also Fitness Classes you can sign up for. Basically these are specific plans that will help you achieve a goal.  For example, several of the classes focus on getting you from a beginner level to running a 5k.  The Class guides you through routines that will get you into top shape in the most effective way and least amount of time. You can also set up a "Street Team" o