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Bonsai Scouting for Elk

I just returned from a trip back to Wyoming to see my mom, dad and sister, as well as to do some "Bonsai" elk scouting for my hunt in September. Bonsai scouting is a term referring to scouting a hunting area as hard as you can in a very short amount of time, usually due to the fact that you are saving all of your vacation time for hunting season. This is certainly true in my case. After putting in some time studying topo maps of the Dubois region, I was able to narrow down a few places that I wanted to scout for signs of elk, and hopefully see some critters. I'll be hunting an area 67, which I have never hunted before, and to me nothing compares to actually putting your boots on and seeing the land with your own eyes. We got to the area on Saturday afternoon and spent most of the afternoon driving around getting the lay of the land and a general feel for the area. I hiked around a few areas and found some sign that should be a good indicator of elk activity. I found

A slightly political post...

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of me shooting my bow in a suit and tie. It was right after church on a Sunday afternoon, and I got home and decided to shoot a few arrows before heading to bed to get ready to work that night. Although I had already taken my coat off, standing out there in my dress clothes with a bow in hand really tickled my funny bone for some reason. So I put my jacket back on for the photo opp. Now that GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has selected Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, a picture of him in a suit and tie with his Mathews at full draw has surfaced. I'm not sure when the photo was taken, but it certainly wasn't circulating like it is now. I just thought it was pretty cool that our pics were so similar. And it's certainly nice to think of having someone in the White House who understands outdoorsmen and women because he is one of us. So there's my plug for Romney/Ryan 2012.

A Look Back and Ahead

Hog hunting near Mershon, GA Just an update from the last few weeks! A couple of weeks ago I went hog hunting in South Georgia on a farm that belongs to some friends. They've been having some problems with hogs destroying corn so I wanted to try and help out by shooting a porker or two. Unfortunately I didn't see a live hog during the hunt, but still had a great time and it was good just to be back in the woods. It was the first time I'd been hunting anything since May, and I have managed to hunt something every month this year except for June. Hopefully I can continue my streak by hunting some hogs again in the month of August. Last Eyecon Black Widow trail camera at Bass Pro Shops in Lawrenceville, GA In the meantime I've been working at Bass Pro Shops during their Fall Classic Sale on behalf of Big Game Treestands, and attending some of the outdoor shows and expos that have been happening in Atlanta recently. One of the highlights for me was meeting Tr