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Duck Hunting 11/26/11

There is nothing like a sunrise over the water whether you are hunting or fishing. Something about hearing and seeing nature come to life makes you feel more connected to the Creator and creation. Today I went duck hunting with my friend Lee Smids, his dad Fred, and his black lab "Bear." I met him at his house at 4:30am. We loaded up our gear, went and picked up his dad, and got to J.D. Murphree WMA in Southeast Texas about 5:00am. After following 33 other boats through the gate to check in, we launched the Gator Trax /Mud Buddy rig and headed to our area of choice on Eagle Lake. We set up our decoys and raised the blinds attached to the sides of the boat, and shortly after the safe shooting time of 6:20 we started seeing a few ducks. I got my first blue wing teal with my Remington Bone Collector 870 at about 7:00. The action was sporadic, and according to Lee not nearly as fast as it had been over the past few weeks. He attributed the lack of activity to the amount of h