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A New Domain

I recently had one of those "learning experiences" that I had read about and thought "they just need to pay better attention." Well, I let the credit card I had on file with expire, and to make things worse I didn't have current contact info on file. So when my card expired before my domain registration renewal, GoDaddy had no way to contact me to update my card. In the time of the 5 days from the time my domain expired until I figured it all out, a "squatter" had picked up my name and registered it. After looking into buying my own domain name back, I decided to just get a new domain. So as of now, my blog has officially become "Up and Adam Adventures." I'll be making some changes to the logo and all that stuff. It kind of stinks to have to start over and regain some of the traffic I had with my previous name, but I have definitely learned my lesson here!