Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Spotlight - Big Game Black Widow Trail Camera

Trail cams have been a real game changer in the area of scouting for deer, turkey and other big game. Over the past few years the market has exploded with new cameras and new technology far superior to cameras of the past. These modern cameras take great quality photos and can really give you a sneak peek at the critters roaming around your hunting land when you're not there.

Big Game Treestands debuted their EyeCon camera line last year, and the Black Widow model is garnering lots of attention for it's best-in-class features. The other models are the Storm, which features a built-in viewing screen, and the no-frills QuickShot.

Features of the Black Widow:

- Thin, low-profile design
- Completely undetectable flash
- Daytime: 1.3 - 5.0 MP photos; Nighttime: 1.3 MP photos
- Flash range: 50" (40' night range)
- Color in daytime; monochrome at night
- 1.2-second trigger speed
- Takes 15, 30, or 300-second videos (30 fps)
- Backlit LED screen
- Time, date, and moon phase
- Molded ABS construction with non-reflective finish

With an undetectable flash, 5.0 MP photos, and a 40' night range, the Eyecon Black Widow captures color in daytime and monochrome at night. Other features include 1.2-second trigger speed, 15, 30, or 300-second video clips and time, date, and moon phase. The Black Widow requires an SD card (not included) and six C-cell batteries (not included) or Eyecon Extenda-Life Battery Pack (not included). Covered in Big Game's exclusive Epic camouflage pattern.

The easy-to-use menu on this camera and great photos have made the Black Widow my favorite trail camera. No other camera offers blacked out LEDs in this price range. Look for a more in-depth review on this camera in the future.

NWTF Convention

Last week I attended the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, TN. The event took place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and it was my first time to visit Nashville since the week before the flood of 2010.

The Opryland resort has been rebuilt as good or better than it was before an was an awesome venue for the show. The convention included calling contests, taxidermy contests, drawings, raffles and concerts, providing something for just about everyone.

Over the two days I was there I was able to meet several hunting celebrities like Mark and Terry Drury, country singer Chuck Wicks, a host of turkey call and gear makers, outfitters and regular folks alike.

Some of my favorite mounts from the taxidermy competition...

I was also able to finally meet several people that I had previously only been friends with through Facebook and Twitter and all of them were as genuine as they seemed trough the Internet. There is nothing better than getting together and talking about hunting, whether it's with guys you've watched on TV, or people like me who hunt for the pure enjoyment of it.

While in Nashville I was also able to see a friend I've known most of my life. Tim Surrett, who is part of an awesome bluegrass band called Balsam Range, and crew were performing at the historic Station Inn in downtown where many bluegrass legends have played over the years. I was able to go and hear some great music and catch up with an old friend.

The Bone Collectors

Mark and Terry Drury

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky

This was my first time at the NWTF show and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the many aisles, checking out new products and chatting with folks about turkey hunting. There were several events that I missed out on due to scheduling, but perhaps I'll get to attend those down the road.

If you enjoy turkey hunting, or hunting in general, or you're just up for a good time, the NWTF Convention needs to be on your must-attend list!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fuse Accessories Camo Phone Case

I recently received a Fuse Accessories camo phone case for my iPhone, and I haven't taken it off since I put it on. I'm not a big fan of some of the bulkier camo phone cases available due to the fact that I keep my phone in my pocket most of the time. These Fuse cases are slim, slick and offer great protection for my phone while showing off my outdoor style.

I picked up the iPhone 4S case in Realtree AP. Fuse offers iPhone clip-on style Realtree and Mossy Oak patterns, and also holster-style cases for just about any phone out there.

As an exclusive deal for my readers, Fuse is offering a 10% DISCOUNT on camo phone cases! Just enter the coupon code "UPANDADAM" when you check out. You can pick up a great case for your phone, and get a great deal on it too!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Fastest 60 Minutes on Twitter

If you're on Twitter, I highly recommend that you check out #huntchat, a fun hunting group chat that takes place on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9pm EST. Topics range from the olfactory senses of deer to camo patterns and gun laws. It's very informative and you can search using the hash tag "#huntchat" even if you're not abale to participate during the time of the chat.

Come join us for the "fastest 60 minutes on Twitter." Wednesdays and Sundays from 9pm to 10pm EST.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hunting With The Bow & Arrow

"Here we have a weapon of beauty and romance. He who shoots with a bow, puts his life's energy into it. The force behind the flying shaft must be place there by the archer. At the moment of greatest strain he must draw every sinew to the utmost; his hand must be steady; his nerves under absolute control; his eye keen and clear. In the hunt he pits his well trained skill against the instinctive cunning of his quarry. By the most adroit cleverness, he must approach within striking distance, and when he speeds his low whispering shaft and strikes his game, he has won by strength of arm and nerve. It is a noble sport."

-Saxton Pope, from his book "Hunting With The Bow & Arrow" first published in 1923.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Product Spotlight - Big Deer Hunters Scents

If you've ever used deer attractant scents, you know what a messy proposition that can be. Before you know it, your hands, clothing, gear, truck, house...etc. smell like deer pee. And although your fellow hunters understand, your non-hunting buddies or significant others may object.

Big Deer Hunters has created a bucklure that will make deer hunting a little bit easier.  Their original bucklure stick is made with 100% Premium Deer urine. No filler urine added! Their two new lures are Big Daddy buck scent and Come and Get It doe-in-heat. This product doesn’t spill, won’t break if dropped from a tree stand and rain won’t wash away the scent.  The lures are never touched by the naked hand, only with latex gloves to ensure that you get a great quality lure. Also the cap keeps the scent inside the container. You can apply our lures on trees, rocks, bushes, scent sponges or on the heel of your boots. Best of all, they are made right here in the great state of Georgia. 

Find out more at