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Old Hunting Grounds

I'm an adventurer and I love going new places and seeing new things. I like hunting new spots and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find the game I'm pursuing. I like wading new streams and finding out what makes the fish there tick. But there's something about going back to old hunting grounds that is good for the soul.  Growing up hunting with my dad, we returned to the same general hunting areas every season. Not because of our unbelievable success, because honestly we ate some tags. It was more about familiarity with the game and land. Taking in the same scenic views painted by God's paintbrush, walking the same trails through dark timber that we had seen game use in the past, going back to the "sucker blind" one more time, just to see if there were any deer there. As the years go by, clearings fill in with new growth pines, game patterns change and ice moved away. But even now, I spend a lot of time in my mind in those old hunting spot

Product Spotlight: Xecute Scent Control

Xecute Scent Control is a relatively new product from Muddy Outdoors. I'll be trying it out throughout the season and I'll post a detailed review once I've had a chance to give their products a try. But for now, here's some info on the product.  Xecute doesn't use any  of the harsh metals or chemicals found in most other odor control solutions. Their products, which include laundry detergent, body wash and field spray, not only eliminate odor and human scent, but do so naturally. Xecute says there is nothing in their products that isn’t found in a deer’s environment. Xecute helps hunters to remain odor free without skin irritation in two proprietary ways: an all-natural and potent antimicrobial destroys odor-causing bacteria while improving skin condition, and active ingredients extract, encapsulate, and absorb dirt and odor on the molecular level. Xecute is NOT a Bicarbonate-based product and will not leave a white film on your gear or your