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Social Circle Ace Archery Grand Opening

This past Friday was the Grand Opening of Social Circle Ace Archery in Social Circle, GA. The archery department is run by Steve Pittman who is the former owner of 12 Point Archery in Covington. Ace has had a great sporting goods department and a good firearms selection for quite a while, and now they are taking on the archery world. They are carrying Hoyt, Bowtech, Mathews and PSE bows, as well as most of the top accessories. Their prices are great and Steve is a top-notch bow technician. Rev. Daniel Gissendaner from BowTech. Travis "T-Bone" Turner from Realtree and the Bone Collector made an appearance, as well as Terry Rohm from Tink's. I was able to get T-Bone to sign my Hoyt CRX. T was as down to earth as you can get, and treated everybody there like they were the hunting celebrity. T-Bone and Steve are lifelong friends and Steve actually convinced T-Bone to get his first bow. In T-Bone's words, "Steve created this monster." Travis "T-

A Supportive Family

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Social Circle Ace Archery in Social Circle, GA. I'm looking forward to meeting Travis "T-Bone" Turner and other industry reps. Also, my pastor Rev. Daniel Gissendaner will be there representing Bowtech. Should be a great time! Here's a great story by my aunt Terry Carter about her support of her husband and son's hunting lifestyle. It's a great piece (not just because she's my aunt) and a reminder of how important a supportive family can be to us outdoorsmen and women. It goes a long way to keep us focused on the task at hand and ultimately can lead to higher success rates. My mom has always supported my dad and me in our hunting and fishing endeavors and has even participated herself on many occasions. In fact, she's more into fishing than my dad! Hunting has always been his thing, and she has always been thrilled to cook any and all game we brought home, including a few jackrabbits. Click here to read Stuart&

U.S. Military Sports Sponsorships

The National Guard has been a huge supporter of FLW Outdoors for a long time and more importantly they have the absolute best soldier marketing program in the country allowing them to constantly recruit and staff a major portion of our military manpower. This recruiting effort has our forces at near record strength. It is my opinion that we should leave a good program alone and let them continue to do their job in the best way they can. Please consider sending this to the anglers in your state and ask them to participate in saving this valuable program. Adam An open letter to FLW fans concerning legislative attempts to prohibit military spending on sports sponsorships  On May 17 the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to the 2013 Defense Appropriations Bill prohibiting military spending on sponsorship of professional sports. Specifically, the amendment co-sponsored by Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., and Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., singles out motorsports, fi

Big Game Treestands

I am thrilled to announce that I have just signed a sponsorship agreement with Big Game Treestands . Big Game Treestands products have been recognized with a variety of annual awards including the 2012 Bowhunting World Reader's Choice and Inside Archery Best Buy Award in 2011. In addition to high quality, affordable treestands, Big Game also produces ground blinds, Eyecon Trail cameras, and many hunting accesories. I'll be joining a nation-wide team of 6 pro-staffers, including hunting and MMA celebrity Tim Sylvia. If you follow MMA or have seen some of the later Drury Outdoors episodes, you've probably seen Tim. The Drurys and Pat and Nicole from DrivenTV , both on the Outdoor Channel, use Big Game Treestands. I killed my very first Whitetail while sitting in a Big Game ladderstand, and that's why it's truly an honor for me to be working with them now. In addition to bringing us 6 guys on as Pro Staff, Big Game is really ramping up their advertise

Did you know I was a Wrapper?

Custom arrow wraps really dress up your arrows and allow you to personalize them to your taste. I got some new wraps for my hunting arrows from Onestringer Custom Wraps , and put them on last night along with some Norway Fusion vanes. My wraps say "Up and Adam," surprise, surprise. Check out the gallery on the Onestringer website, or have them make a custom design for you. I also got some new strings from ProLine Custom Bowstrings that I'm going to have put on soon. Once I get them installed, I'll do a full review on them. Both strings are made from BCY's new 8190 material and are ProLine's "Streak Freaks" whcih have one dominant color and a few strands of a minor color thrown in. 8190 is a new material on the market that is getting great reviews. ProLine can make you a bowstring in just about any imaginable color combination. They also make the stock string for several bow manufacturers. Today was the monthly Christian Bowhu