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Into Africa: The Gear

It only seems like a few months ago that I found out I had one in African safari at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, AL, but in truth it has been almost 3 years. To say the time has flown by would be a gross understatement. In about five months I will be setting foot on African soil for the very first time. The feelings of excitement and anxiousness keep growing as I prepare for not only my most adventurous hunting trip to date, but also my first time requiring a passport to fly. Over the past 2 1/2 years I have dreamt about and read about the many species of plains game available for me to hunt on this trip and I've narrowed my wish list down to a few species that I feel represent the continent well. Stories and films of other hunters safaris have helped to  fuel my own fire to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime trip. The timing of the hunt was specifically scheduled around the moon phase and seasonal weather patterns most conducive to bowhunting. I have become even more

Application Season 2017

Application season is in full swing in the west and for many it's almost as exciting as hunting season. E-scouting new areas, adding up your preference points and sending off applications allows us to geek out as we plan our upcoming spring and fall hunts. Some of us are even looking at next year already! Understanding each state's draw process and regulations can be very frustrating. The laws and wording vary from state to state and can be confusing. I have spent most of my life in Wyoming and still didn't understand parts of our draw process until this year. If you're looking at hunting out west this year, or anytime in the future, I'm going to share a few resources I've found that may help you out. The first option is completely free. Podcasts have become a valuable tool for outdoorsmen over the past few years. Some are informative and some are just entertaining, but one of my favorite podcasts to gather information from is the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast