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My Top 5 Hunting Podcasts

Lately I've been listening to a lot of hunting podcasts, especially when I'm running or at the gym. I know that most people listen to jammin' music when they're working out, and sometimes I do too. But the primary reason that I'm training is to be a better hunter, so there's no better time to listen to some of the good info coming from the podcasts available now. There are quite a few hunting related podcasts out there now, and from time to time I check out topics from most of them. There are 5 that I am subscribed to and like the most, all for different reasons. Im not saying by any means that you shouldn't listen to any others, but these are my picks.  The Gritty Bowmen The Gritty Bowmen is a podcast by Brian Call and Aron Snyder and is probably the most entertaining of the bunch. These guys and their guests bounce around lighter side of hunting while still giving you an hour or more of solid information every time. From gear recommendations an

The Advent by HunterVids

At the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention back in Februaury, I had the opportunity to meet Todd Roark, the CEO of . We struck up a conversation based on the fact that I was wearing a KUIU shirt, and KUIU is the official sponsor of Todd's site. That conversation led to an opportunity for me to work with HunterVids writing some web content, but this post is more about the website itself than that. HunterVids  is an online destination for  a huge collection of high quality hunting films. Some of these films are available elsewhere on the internet, but many are created specifically for the HunterVids network, and all of the films showcased are top-notch. They're all sorted by categories, so depending on what type of film you're looking for, you can find a bunch of them based on the species or geographic region you are interested in.  In addition to the collection of films available on the site, HunterVids has also created the very first onlin

Headed West

I recently had the opportunity at work to move back to my hometown of Green River, WY and recieve a promotion in the process. While I've given thought to moving back home over the years, I never dreamed it would all work out the way it did. I am really blessed to be back close to my family, as well as back in the West which feels like home to me. Since I didn't draw any tags this year, I'm looking forward to having the ability to hunt Wyoming as a resident next year. In the meantime, I have a nonresident fishing license that I've got to get my money's worth out of! I'll be posting more regularly from now on so be sure to subscribe for notifications of new posts.