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Alabama Update/Deer Finale

Well that's a wrap on the 2011-2012 deer season. Finished up with a WMA hunt in Lowndes County, AL this week. It was a rifle hunt but I hunted with my bow most of the time. Our party of 5 only saw 2 deer over the course of our hunt. The rain this week threatened to shut us down but we toughed it out. We all got soaked yesterday and part of our party elected not to go this morning for the last hunt due to the weather forecast of 80% chance of thunderstorms. Fortunately for me the weather men were wrong and it turned out to be a nice morning. A fresh rub. We did see lots of sign. Rubs and scrapes were everywhere in several of the areas we scouted. Most of the scrapes hadn't been hit for a while which led us to believe the peak of the rut had kicked in. We just didn't see any daytime deer movement. The areas we hung our stands in had lots of activity so apparently the deer were primarily nocturnal. Hog Wallow. We also saw some large areas covered with hog wallows.  Hogs

Xyience Xenergy Drinks

Without a doubt, energy drinks in their various forms, tiny shots to 16 oz. or larger cans, are a staple in many people's daily liquid intake. I'm not going to cover the pro's and con's of the "energy craze" sweeping America, but you can read about all sides by Googling it. The main active ingredients in most of these drinks are caffeine and sugar. Researchers widely agree that caffeine can improve memory, decrease fatigue, improve your mental functioning, short-term memory and speed up your reaction times, but sugar doesn't have such a good rep. I enjoy a cup or two of coffee most mornings, which I drink black. And on occasion I will substitute my cup of Joe for an energy drink. So for a person who leads an active, healthy lifestyle, and needs a morning kick-off or an afternoon pick-me-up, what's the best option? Xyience Xenergy (a combination of Zen and Energy, pronounced "Zen-ergy") is the first energy drink created by a nutrit