Xyience Xenergy Drinks

Without a doubt, energy drinks in their various forms, tiny shots to 16 oz. or larger cans, are a staple in many people's daily liquid intake. I'm not going to cover the pro's and con's of the "energy craze" sweeping America, but you can read about all sides by Googling it. The main active ingredients in most of these drinks are caffeine and sugar. Researchers widely agree that caffeine can improve memory, decrease fatigue, improve your mental functioning, short-term memory and speed up your reaction times, but sugar doesn't have such a good rep. I enjoy a cup or two of coffee most mornings, which I drink black. And on occasion I will substitute my cup of Joe for an energy drink. So for a person who leads an active, healthy lifestyle, and needs a morning kick-off or an afternoon pick-me-up, what's the best option?

Xyience Xenergy (a combination of Zen and Energy, pronounced "Zen-ergy") is the first energy drink created by a nutrition company, and has zero calories, is sugar-free, and is fortified with vitamins. My favorite of the variety of great-tasting flavors it comes in is Cherry Lime. This past week I began working overnights at my job, and when you're not used to that shift, you really start to drag about 3:00am. I stocked up on Xyience before starting my rotation and it provided the push I needed to get through several nights. The best part was I didn't experience a "crash" that I've felt before with other sugar-infused drinks.

Xyience Xenergy, is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I doubt I'll be going in the cage anytime soon, but the benefits of Xenergy translate well to the outdoor athlete arena as well. I'm not condoning energy drink binge drinking, but when you need a boost, I highly recommend you give Xenergy a try.

Some excerpts from the Xyience website:
"Xyience supplements provide ultimate nutrition for peak performance. With everything from NOX-CG3—for increasing strength and stamina and aiding in post-exercise recovery—to high-quality protein supplements such as the XProtein shake or the XM2 muscle meal, XYIENCE offers products scientifically formulated for specific training needs.

"Xyience is a global brand offering products that provide clean, sustainable energy to men and women who value nutrition and lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Xyience® products include beverages, supplements and apparel. Established in Las Vegas in 2004, XYIENCE is one of the fastest growing brands in its category. All products are held to the most stringent standards of excellence to enable professional and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their goals in training and life."


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