Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gear Review - Brunton Eterna Binoculars

On my last week of elk hunting in Wyoming, I was able to take along a brand new set of binoculars from Brunton. There's no better place to test the clarity, durability and functionality of optics than on a western big game hunt. I was able to use these binocs in a variety of light and weather conditions. 

Having grown up in Wyoming, I have been aware of the Wyoming-based Brunton Group for some time, but honestly it wasn't until I met up with Cody Winward from Brunton at a show in Raleigh, NC that I really started to find out what the company was about. Brunton makes excellent optics for hunting, but also navigation tools, solar power equipment, lighting, and a host of other products. In addition, their sister company Primus provides top-notch camping and adventure gear. Both of these are companies that have been around a long time and are committed to making quality gear for the adventurer and hunter.

The binoculars I have are the Eterna 11x45 in Mossy Oak Treestand camo. My first impression when taking these binoculars out of the box was how sturdy they felt. They do have a little weight to them, and that was my only concern heading on my trip out west to try them out. That proved not to be a problem when using a bino-harness system.

Here's what Brunton's website has to say about the Eterna binoculars:

The big-glass viewing power of 45 mm objective lenses, in a rugged, ergonomic polymer frame. Available in 8X and 11X, equipped with BaK 4 prism glass, state-of-the-art phase coating, well-armored waterproof frame, and nitrogen-filled fog proof barrels. When the going gets tough, this is the bino to go with.
- BaK-4 prism glass
- State-of-the-art phase coating
- AL reflective coating
- Emerald Fire full multi-coating
- Multi-step eye relief system
- Waterproof
- Nitrogen filled/fog proof
- Ergonomic body armor
- Tripod/monopod compatible
- Power: 8X, 11X
- Weight 28 oz.

During my week long elk hunt the last week of September, I encountered jut about every weather condition Wyoming has to offer. Varying temperatures and humidity levels can make using optics frustrating, if not impossible, but these Eternas held their own and were usable through all the conditions I faced. They are crystal clear and offered great definition when picking apart distant cover looking for the tips of antlers or an elk hide. 

The heft of these binocs let you know they mean business but they were never heavy or awkward feeling on my bino-harness. The Eterna is a great bino for the outdoorsman looking for quality glass at an affordable price. They definitely give you a lot of bang for your buck. If you're looking for a mid-prices binocular that is heavy on features, rugged and dependable but won't cost you your whole savings account, give the Brunton Eterna a shot. 


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