Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Georgia Whitetail Deer Hunting

Man, there's nothing like the feeling of getting the monkey off your back. After misses, near-misses, and just not getting anything on the ground, I was finally able to relax a little about my season after an awesome morning of hunting with my buddy Roger Flynn.

"Movement up on the hill" was the first text Roger sent me. Without responding I stuck my phone back in my jacket and looked up the hill. Out stands are a few hundred yards apart, but we both have a view of the same hill, just different angles. Out of nowhere, a doe had appeared. I raised my rifle and watched her through the scope, waiting for a shot opportunity. I felt my phone vibrating as Roger sent me more texts, but I didn't check my phone. Next thing I heard the crack of his .243. The deer I had been watching never flinched. I pulled out my phone and he had several deer come out in front of him, so he picked out a doe and shot her. At the shot, one of the deer came toward my stand. She passed me broadside at 30 yards and I dropped her in her tracks. That time the first doe I had been watching ran off a ways. Two deer down, I'm thinking. 

BOOM! Roger shoots again and kills another doe. This time the first deer I saw runs toward me and gives me a shot at 60 yards! She ran maybe 10 yards and crashed. 4 deer down. 

Roger says he's coming my way. I almost told him we should just sit a while with this much deer movement going on. When he gets to my stand I begin climbing down, and as I make my way down we are recounting the fastest 5 minutes of hunting either one of us had witnessed. 

"Look, look, look, look!" was all I could get out to whisper as another deer walks past us 40 yards away, oblivious to our presence. Roger spins around with his rifle and shoots, and the deer runs up the hill and piles up. 5 deer down. 

This all took place in about 18 minutes, and made for some serious work getting them all field-dressed, hauled out and off to the processor. It was a fun kind of work though. It took breaking out the boom stick to finally have some success, this year, but it's been a huge pressure release for me. I've got some venison in the freezer, and now I'm free to hunt good bucks with my rifle or bow. The rut is just around the corner, and we're starting to see signs of bucks chasing, along with some scrapes popping up. It's a great time to be in the woods. 


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