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Product Spotlight - Shower and Hunt Soap

After two years of development, Shower & Hunt represents the best shower and hunting experience on the market. Here are several key benefits of the Shower & Hunt formula: - Eliminates the human scent to help you be undetectable by game - Professional, salon-quality ingredients - Perfect for everyday use from head to toe - Non-toxic ingredients for use in the field as a hand or facial soap, or on cuts or scrapes - Versatile formula can be used as a field spray when diluted - Convenient size is perfect for travel - Made in the USA Shower & Hunt is a revolutionary product that can increase your success in the field. Use this shampoo and body wash to take your mind back into the field everyday. Shower & Hunt is perfect for your non-hunting days because no-odor is a good odor. For more information check out .

Happy New Year!

Ok so maybe I’m a little late here. But it's been a busy start to the new year, so cut me a little slack. I've actually had this post saved for quite a while and forgot to post it. Remembering to post should be on my resolution list. This is the time of year when retailers can make a fortune by selling diet plans, diet food, exercise equipment, running shoes, athletic clothes and gym memberships. Everyone has “resolved” to be healthier, drop a few bad habits and other healthy choices. These are all great things, and I applaud those who make these changes and stick to them. Unfortunately, much of the time, myself included some of those resolutions never make it past the end of January. A lot of bloggers post a list of their New Year’s resolutions, and I did the same last year. In a way, you’re really putting yourself out there and creating some accountability to yourself and your readers. I will admit that I’ve fallen short on a few of mine. I had some major life chang

Big Rock Sports Show East

I just got back from Raleigh, NC where I worked a booth on behalf of one of my sponsors, Big Game Treestands. Big Rock Sports is a major sporting goods distributor and these shows are put together for manufacturers to display their new gear and for dealers to place orders for the upcoming year. This was my first experience working on the dealer/distributor side of the business so needless to say I learned a lot. I got to meet Zach Barrett who is head of pro staff as well as sales and marketing for Big Game Treestands and several Hudalla reps who do a great job marketing our products. Big Game has some really nice new stands coming out this year in an all-new Platinum Collection. These stands have higher end features and are well-designed for comfort and safety. There's also a new safety harness and trail cam coming out, plus a whole slew of new accessories. Another thing that I found very interesting was the effect that the recent gun control issues and spiking gun sale