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Gear Review - Bowtech Carbon Knight

Tradition has been, at least in the past few years, for major bow manufacturers to release their new bows in January corresponding with the ATA, though several manufacturers have been pushing that date earlier and earlier into the hunting season. Several of the major manufacturers 2013 offerings were available during the 2012 hunting season. Bowtech was one of few who held the release of their new flagship bow, the Experience, until the ATA show. This year, they introduced a new bow in July, which is pretty radical by archery industry standards. The Carbon Knight, with its carbon riser and limb pockets, represents a new direction for Bowtech, and also a few new innovations for carbon bows in general. Hoyt's Carbon Matrix and Element bows have been the only viable forays into carbon risers. High Country produced some carbon bows a few years back with limited success. The Knight features carbon limb pockets as well, and Bowtech has shaved the weight of this bow down