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Gear Review - Real Avid Toolio

If you own a compound bow, at some point you're going to need a set of Allen wrenches to adjust something. Whether it's your rest, sight, quiver or the bow itself, Allen wrenches are king when it comes to bow adjustments. I've owned a few sets of these wrenches and although several of them did the job, none were as handy and easy robust as the Toolio bow tuner from Real Avid. I'm a big fan of gadgets, but they have to truly serve a purpose in order to stay in my pack or gear box. Anything that doesn't perform or doesn't perform as intended is discarded or sold on eBay. I like to be prepared, but I also like to travel light. This little Toolio replaced two Allen wrench sets and is easier to store than they were. It's also very quiet which is nice when it's in my hunting pack on the way to the stand. This wrench has hex bits in 10 different sizes and fits just about any bow, sight or rest screw out there. I love taking it on the 3D cours