Monday, April 22, 2013

Gear Review - Under Armour Droptine Boots

I was super excited to get a pair of Under Armour's new Droptine hunting boots to review before they are available on the market. I was actually in the market for a new pair of hunting boots in the 400 gram insulation range where these boots fall. That seems to be about the perfect insulation level for me for hunting elk and deer in the high country in late September Nd October.

My first impression of the boots is they seem well made, and fairly light weight compared to similar hunting boots I have owned and worn. They feature Realtree's new Xtra pattern and 400 grams of Primaloft insulation.

The weather is warming quickly here in Georgia but we've still had some cool mornings in the mountains. So I decided to head to the mountains to chase some turkeys and give the new boots a rest drive. Turkey hunting in the Cohutta Wilderness is much like elk hunting the Rockies, with steep mountains, seemingly endless logging roads and cool nights and mornings.

After plenty of walking and climbing in pursuit of thunder chickens, and readjusting the laces a few times to find the sweet spot, these boots have proven very comfortable. They provide good support when climbing but don't feel too stiff. They also feel light on my feet which should also help with fatigue. The temps warmed up too much during the day to really give a fair analysis of the Primaloft insulation. The waterproofing seemed adequate, and wading an ankle deep creek multiple times to get to a sweet turkey hunting spot didn't get my feet moist at all.

All in all, the Under Armour Droptine 400 seems like a boot that is going to fill the mid weight, western hunting boot niche very well for me. I imagine that after some break-in the comfort is o my going to improve. I'm looking forward to taking these boots out west this fall.


  1. Nice review. Still riding the fence on if UA gear is worth my money or not. Love their workout gear, just not sure how clothes will hold up to a beating.

    1. Thanks Glynn! I've got a Ridge Reaper suit that will be going into its second season this year. So far so good on that one, but we'll see how it goes on this fall's hunts. I've got several UA Heatgear shirts that I've been wearing for several years.

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