Gear Review - Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release

A few months ago, during the last 3D shoot I did, I had a release malfunction that gave me a case of target panic. My release wasn't firing as it should and subconsciously I began to hold low and punch the release. It was bad enough that I had my worst score ever, but with hunting season approaching I didn't have any time to spare in curing the target panic or release situation.

Looking for answers to both problems, I decided to stick with a wrist strap release, so I searched for a dependable fool-proof design with an open hook. I found the Wiseguy by Spot Hogg, and knowing the quality of their sights, I decided to give it a try. I chose the nylon strap connector version for two reasons. First I believe that the nylon connector would theoretically apply less torque to the string than a solid connector. And second, I have small hands and didn't feel the solid connector had enough adjustability to give me the solid finger hook around the trigger that I wanted.

Through hard work and some intense practice I was able to cure my target panic, and using he new release my groups tightened up. The Wiseguy is a fail-proof design, meaning there is no possibility of it not firing when you pull the trigger. It is built solidly and feels natural in my hand, and it fits my small hand very well. The open-hook design makes hooking up to your loop a snap, even without looking down. This is a great feature in a hunting release in my opinion. If you haven't shot a release like this, I highly recommend it.


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